Winter Traditions are Warm by Our Fire

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There is something special in the air at The Olde Bryan Inn; a historical charm and friendly warmth that can’t be manufactured. Centuries after the Bryan Family may have celebrated holidays by the hearth, cherished traditions continue to flourish. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite tales of holiday memories at The OBI to kick off the New Year. We love being the gathering place for family and friends all year long, but there’s something about our fireplaces that make those holiday memories extra warm.

Kicking Off the Season
We start the Christmas Season on Dec 6th our Anniversary (& also Santa Claus’s birthday), by having dinner at OBI. The food is delicious, service terrific & it launches Christmas for us. OBI has been our favorite, special restaurant since we moved up here 10 years ago.
– Connie Golden

Family Reunion
I still remember years ago we took a good friend there for her birthday and waited for our table. We had great laughs that night. And last year we went there with my Brother and his wife after meeting him for the first time a year before. I was adopted at 5 weeks old and had never met any of my siblings. GREAT PLACE
– Kathryn Der

Fireside Romance
Got engaged at the table in front of the fireplace 17 years ago. Love our visits to OBI
– Cathy Montgomery

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Holiday Meal & Anniversary Traditions
            My husband and I always try to eat there during the holidays and leave a very nice tip for our waiter or waitress. They work so hard. This year Derrick was the best and most of them have been there for years and recognize me as ‘Scottys mom’ or ‘Mama Hayes’. We also had our wedding dinner there and always go back in January for our anniversary dinner
-Susan Frost Hayes-Masa


We love being your go-to cozy place for romantic moments, family memories, and holiday celebrations. Have you gotten inspiration to start your own Olde Bryan Inn custom, or do you have your own ideas of a perfect holiday gathering by our fire? Leave us your input on the best ways to celebrate traditions at OBI, old and new. We can’t wait to help you make more of those memories in 2019!

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