Victoria’s Cheesecake – Finger Prickin’ Good!

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March 29, 2018
Victoria’s Cheesecake – Finger Prickin’ Good!

In October of 2017 the Olde Bryan Inn sold hundreds of slices of J & S Watkins Cheesecake. Not only was that slice of French Vanilla goodness delicious, but our guests (and frequently, our staff!) could feel great about treating themselves to dessert – after all it was for a good cause! Every piece of cheesecake, delicately marked with a pink icing Awareness Ribbon, that left the kitchen of the Olde Bryan Inn meant $2 was going to the Mollie Wilmot Oncology Center at our local Saratoga Hospital.

Well it’s March and we are back at it again! We realized October was too long to deprive our friends and guests of J & S Watkins indulgent creations, and we were ready to double up on our successful cheesecake fundraiser… but for what?

If you have ever walked into Longfellows Inn you may have been greeted by a young lady with an infectious smile. Her name is Victoria, and thanks to T1 Diabetes doctors told her parents she would only have a tiny 3% chance of survival. She is now 38 years old, and looking forward to decades more of good health and showing T1 who is boss!

None of this would have been possible without the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. At the age of five, Victoria was driven to Boston by her mother, where the Joslin Clinic was experimenting with a new, small, machine you could carry around that would issue a constant, steady drip of insulin into the bloodstream. The insurance company refused to pay for a risk, but JDRF stepped in to pay for the experimental testing that ended up giving Victoria, and thousands of T1 sufferers today, the ability to live a long and relatively normal life!

We’ve traded the pink icing ribbon, and replaced it with a blue circle – the symbol of the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation – and Victoria’s Cheesecake is served. Stop in to Olde Bryan Inn between now and May 15, 2018,to enjoy a slice of decadent French Vanilla Cheesecake, and we will send $2, in honor of Victoria and yourself, to the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. Together, working to turn Type 1 into Type None.