Vegan and Veg at Olde Bryan Inn

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Did you know the Olde Bryan Inn caters to Vegan, Pescetarian, and Vegetarian diets? The menu is set up with so many options, we couldn’t leave our friends with dietary restrictions out!

We bring in fresh seafood, and feature a delicious Cod or Haddock special almost daily. Almost any protein may be swapped for Shrimp or fish, for example, our Chicken Caesar Salad is often topped with grilled Salmon instead, upon request.

In the past, guests have been disappointed with our short, segregated list of vegetarian options; many don’t realize that, being a local place with a real chef, we can make what you like! Though the dishes specifically delegated to the meat-free menu are all completely delicious, we understand that not everyone has the same tastes, and the short list of items seems to get shorter when you are a regular.

We have amazing news – those are not your only options! Almost everything on our menu is customizable in some way. We can swap ingredients, add extra of something, or keep out the flavors you hate. Yes is our answer, what is your menu question?

As your server will tell you, if you see the ingredients in our menu to make a dish you crave, let us know and most likely we will be able to whip it up (within reason!). Hearty burrito bowls, fresh, spicy veggie stir fry, and bright-tasting salads are all in our wheelhouse, and customizing them to your tastes is always a pleasure.

In the Fall, Chef made an entire batch of mashed potatoes for a Vegan guest. They called us a few days in advance to discuss their restrictions and concerns, and the next day Chef was at our local grocery store, personally picking out a container of almond milk to purchase.  Chef John cares about your dietary needs and wants; with Vegan and Vegetarian family members, as well as some with food allergies, he takes the responsibilities of feeding those with special diets extra seriously.

Eating at a restaurant is such an ordinary, enjoyable experience, that we often take it for granted. Many don’t realize how lucky they are to be able to walk into a place and pick out anything on a menu. We never want guests to go hungry, and  With your imagination, Chef John’s enthusiasm, and a possible price difference of a dollar or two here and there, we can always create a dish that will delight!


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