Staff Menu Favorites!

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Every member of our OBI family has their own menu favorite, and we’ve checked in with them again to update the list! We checked with our friends in various positions with the restaurant to find out what dish they keep going back to.

“Chicken Cordon Bleu” was the rapid first response from our server, Collin. The dish comes with flavorful twin chicken breasts, fresh prosciutto, green veggies, and a creamy sauce that Collin can’t stop talking about; His best tip? “Mix the sauce with the mashed potatoes!”

Kayla on the bar would order Filet Mignon Beef Tips Bruschetta 7 days a week if she could. Tender, hand-cut filet tips are baked in balsamic with roasted red & yellow peppers, then broiler-finished with parmesan cheese, and piled on top of grilled garlic toast. “It’s the perfect size to share as an appetizer, or add a salad to it for a light lunch,” Kayla says, “it’s unlike any other”

If you ask our cook, Jess what her favorite menu item is she will tell you it’s our Braised Short Rib Mac & Cheese. The richness and homecooked taste of this dish make it the ideal comfort food, but “follow it up with the homemade apple crisp”, says Jess, to really round out the perfect meal.

Joe, our prep kitchen friend, said his favorite menu item is the Spicy Ghost Pepper Fried Chicken Sandwich ; “I enjoy spice,” Joe confessed – and you really would have to if you want to enjoy this spicy sandwich! His customization is to ask for “less garlic aioli,” but we can always put it on the side for you, Joe!

Kitchen Manager Clinton says his favorite menu item currently is the newest addition – our Chicken & Shrimp Pesto over pasta. “It’s delicious, it has noodles, shrimp, chicken – I love to wrap the pasta around the shrimp for a perfect bite”. Green pesto and grilled garlic toast knock this one out of the park.

What is your go-to menu item? Will you try something new after reading some of our staff member faves, or stick with your own pick? We look forward to seeing you on your next culinary adventure at OBI! Make sure to ask your server their favorite – you might be surprised by finding a new favorite of your own!