Spirits at OBI – Not just from the Bar!

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          With a storied history dating back to before The Revolutionary War, Olde Bryan Inn is considered by many locals to be one of the most haunted spots in or around Saratoga. Over the years many reports of a mysterious “Lady in Green” have surfaced, as well as stories of a man in Colonial garb; some supernatural happenings have not been considered a ghost sighting, but just plain weird! Here are a few of those stories….

“The chandelier hanging now is not the one we used to have – it used to be an old, giant one. The power was out one afternoon, but we  all came in for the night just in case, because if it came on we would open for business. We were all sitting in the main dining room chatting and we started joking and making fun of the portraits on the wall and the idea of a ghost when one of the servers suddenly gasped and pointed – the chandelier was swinging in circles! I did a head count and we were all there. The owner stood on a chair and stopped the chandelier.
As soon as he let go it started swinging again!!”

“One night I was coming from the third floor with a box of things from storage. As I took a step down something snagged my pants leg, hard. I took a couple more steps down and turned to look and see if there was a crooked nail or something, and there was absolutely NOTHING there.
Another night I was about to leave for the evening, and nobody was in the restaurant but me and the manager, who was in the office on the second floor. When I turned my reports and cash in to him and went back down to leave, my keys were in a glass of water. Why??”

“It was 2001 and my first time coming to OBI. I had just moved to the area and didn’t know any of the history. I was having dinner in the main dining area in the front. I looked up and there was a woman in a green old fashioned dress standing on the catwalk, looking over the railing. I asked the waiter if there was a reenactment event taking place that evening and he said no. It was puzzling but we left it at that.
At the end of our meal I went upstairs to the restroom and heard someone else come in. I could see a green dress under the door of my stall. When I exited there wasn’t anyone in the restroom. I never heard anyone open the door to leave.

I had chills all over.”

Have you ever met the lady in green or had a mysterious occurrence when you visited us? We want to know!
Join us for dinner soon and say hello to some of Saratoga’s dearly departed residents!