Saratoga’s Best-Kept Secret

Saratoga Springs is an enchanting city, known for many things. Health restored by natural mineral springs, horse racing on a track with over a century and a half of tradition, historical spots and landmarks of moments that shaped the history of our nation – Saratoga has it all! Year after year we welcome visitors new and old to this beautiful area to share what we know and love about it.

Like any wonderful city, Saratoga locals are happy to share the many fantastic experiences with visitors throughout the year…. or at least most of the fantastic experiences…!
Some parts of local living are just too good to share! Luckily, we have compiled a list of the top five best-kept secrets in Saratoga!

5. The Racing City Chorus
Founded in 1956, the Racing City Chorus is a group of over 50 of Saratoga’s finest singers, and friendliest faces! Men from all walks of life, and all ranges of notes, are a part of this singing group, which specializes in acapella versions of classic songs, as well as some dabbling in Barbershop Quartets! In the summer you can catch the Chorus at different events, contributing to and entertaining the community. Check out their website for info, or stop by Olde Bryan Inn on a Thursday night, and you may just get a special performance during your dinner!

4. The Springs
You may be surprised by how many visitors we serve each year who are shocked by the fact that yes – you CAN actually drink the water that comes from the Springs! Loaded with minerals and mystical healing properties, cold water literally springs from the ground all over the city. Feel free to grab a cup, sometimes they are even located in a dispenser by the water, and take a refreshing sip! Enjoy a tasting tour of Saratoga’s Springs, and bottle some up to bring home for year-round mineral healing!

2. Caffe Lena
According to their website, Caffe Lena is generally recognized as the oldest continuously operating folk music venue in the country. Performers from Bob Dylan, to Wild Adriatic, to Sawyer Fredericks have graced the stage over the years. They cater to music tastes old and new, and some that may not have even been invented yet! Talented performers have a place at Caffe Lena, no matter their reach or level or lack of fame.

And the BEST kept secret in Saratoga Springs…

1. Lunch at The Olde Bryan Inn during Track
Voted to have the Best Lunch in Saratoga, Olde Bryan Inn at lunchtime is truly the best-kept secret in town!
Though we get quite busy at dinner when the Track closes it’s doors for the day, lunchtime seating is often wide open! Join us for easy and fast seating any day of Track Season, and enjoy your OBI favorites for lunch again! Many guests think we will be overflowing from open to close at “those” times of the year, which in part contributes to the slowness! And THAT is the best-kept secret in Saratoga! Join us for lunch soon and see exactly what we mean!