OBI at 40 Years!

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          “There’s a special energy here: A tradition of celebration that began in 1773 and continues today. You can feel it in the warmth of our historic dining rooms and see it in the friendly smiles of our staff. You can taste it in our thoughtfully prepared menus and cheerfully prepared special orders. You can hear it in the contented murmur of good conversation and the hustle and bustle of our tavern.”

The property that is now your favorite restaurant was originally established in 1773. Known to be the first permanent residence in Saratoga, who knew that tiny log cabin would become the spot so well-known, and well beloved by locals and visitors alike. In the decades and centuries since Alexander Bryan settled here, this spot has seen families, different businesses, and many happy memories.

2019 marks the 40th year the Olde Bryan Inn has been in business as the restaurant you know and love. Keep up with us on Facebook and in-house as we begin our 40th Anniversary Celebration! We’ll kick it off on our blog, as we share some of the memories shared with us, of special moments at the OBI – Enjoy these moments in time, and Cheers to 40 Years!

“Played there when it was the Vietch’s family home. Worked there while in nursing school. Had my AAC nursing graduation party there. Was my mom’s (and my) cheers. Mug club, many friends and memories…like when I scratch covered all the pews during the break…UGH! Love 💕 the OBI. A huge part of our lives…”
– Leisa W

“I can’t count how many times I’ve eaten here over the years…always try to get a table by the fire…I have a friend who comes into town a few times a year and I USED to take her to a different restaurant each time. But after bringing her here, she doesn’t want to go anywhere else. I agree – when you KNOW it’s great why go anywhere else?”
– Connie C

“I find this very fortuitous – my husband and I just celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary – seems a LOT of great things happened 40 years ago!! We have celebrated many events at OBI – New Year’s Eve…college graduation…birthdays…valentine’s day…Travers weekend…brought family visiting from Montreal to enjoy a perfect meal in a fabulous setting…… OBI never fails to send us away smiling. Cheers to the next 40!”
– Linda T

“My favorite memory is celebrating my in-laws Anniversary here. My father in law had Prime Rib. We couldn’t believe he ate every bite! Delicious food!!!!”
– Sherry D

“I took my wife here on our first date. December 10 1992. Then I took her here and proposed to her August 16 1995. We got married June 15 1996.”
– Mark Z

“I have been a customer of the 40 years and I love the OBI, the atmosphere, the food and the service and we have had many birthday and anniversary celebrations. My late mother in law and I would have lunch there every week after our bowling league in the 1970’s. We continued to celebrate her birthday there even when she was in her early 90’s. Many good times at OBI”
– Diane G.M.

What special memories do you have at the Olde Bryan Inn? We are looking forward to 2019 – our Ruby Anniversary and another year of wonderful moments and memories. Join us!