Menu Items our Staff Can’t Get Enough of!

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There are so many wonderful items to choose from on our menu at Olde Bryan Inn, and we add new and exciting specials into the mix every lunch and dinner. On any given day, one of our most-asked questions our servers receive is “What’s YOUR favorite thing on the menu?
So we asked around for you, and found out what is on our menu here at OBI that our staff absolutely loves! Maybe we already have the same favorites as you, or maybe we will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone and try a new dish!

We had to start with the main man in the kitchen – Chef John! As the one personally responsible for creating our menu, he also spends plenty of time approving of every dish that makes it up before it hits the table. Though he’s usually a self-proclaimed “Steak kinda Guy”, Chef John has a special place in his heart, and on his plate, for the Ghost Pepper Chicken Sandwich. Fresh, boneless chicken is buttermilk soaked and fried up in our special blend of spices, then topped with extremely spicy Ghost Pepper cheese. If you don’t like a ton of heat, you can add a piece of plain cheese to even things out, or skip or change the cheese totally! If you love fried chicken and spicy flavors, Chef loves this crispy, juicy, spicy, flavorful sandwich served with Sriracha fries!

The serving staff at OBI are also big fans of the chicken sandwich, but a few other items popped up as favorites – Chris loves the Drunken Pork Chop, and how delicious and savory it is. Marinated in Jameson, the chop is full of flavor, and served with rice and vegetables.

Shelby can’t get enough of our Double Sausage Fra Diavolo! Topped with hot Chorizo meatballs, and a zesty marinara, the Fra Diavolo is on her plate at least once a week! “I just love the spice!”

Pumpkin Walnut Saute with Chicken is a guest favorite, and the favorite of our server Lucia. The raviolis are her favorite part of this dish with a creamy, light sauce, sautéed chicken, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, and cheese.

During deployment, our server Holly was dreaming about the CranApple Turkey Panini, layered with cranberry mayonnaise, roasted peppers, spinach, and freshly sliced turkey! It’s the perfect lunch sandwich.

If you ask our bar manager, Calanne, the number one menu item is WINE!

Bartender Cathy Jo is a fan of our S’mores Martini, which she finds smooth and delicious – and the toasted marshmallow garnish is beyond tasty and fun!

When Sully, the owner of Olde Bryan Inn, was faced with picking his favorite menu item, he proceeded to choose something from every category! According to his tastes, a perfect meal at Olde Bryan Inn includes our famous French Onion Soup, fresh seared Ahi Tuna appetizers, our salad named after Maple Avenue (your choice if you want chicken, shrimp, or salmon on top!), and Fish & Chips for lunch, or Gorgonzola Encrusted Strip Steak if it’s dinner. Though every dish is created with love and care, Sully’s favorites are truly menu champions. As he puts it, Chef’s creations are “totally different from anything I’ve ever had before!”

So have you talked yourself into trying something new next time you come? Or have we already listed your favorite? Let us know in the comments what YOUR favorite menu item is, and if you’ll try one of ours sometime soon!