Good Nature – Great Beer!

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Good Nature – Great Beer!

Did you know that Olde Bryan Inn closed our doors for a few days this Spring? We did a little Spring Cleaning, a few adjustments, and one major improvement to our bar – More taps!

Now, able to serve more local and craft beers than ever before, we are featuring not one, but two beers from our friends at Good Nature!

Located in Hamilton, NY, Good Nature describes itself as homegrown, family-owned.
Founded in 2010, they were their county’s first brewery and are one of the first Farm Breweries in NYS.

As a Farm Brewery, they commit to ingredients sourced from farmers within New York State. Ales from Good Nature are all-natural, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and contain no artificial additives or adjuncts.

Currently on OBI’s Taps:

Good Nature Annie – a complex IPA which, the brewery boasts, features flavors of tropical fruits and lemon, with a finish that is spicy!

Good Nature Brown Ale – a full bodied and dark ale, with hints of chocolate and toffee, that has a smooth and robust finish!

man with mug of beer at the bar

So which Good Nature beer will you try first? Do you already have a favorite? Hurry in to taste them both before our rotating taps change again!