Steak Dinner with sides at the Olde Bryan Inn

Today’s Menu Specials at Olde Bryan Inn

Today’s Specials for Tuesday, January 19th

Our Soup of the Day is Beef Barley

Bacon Queso Pretzels
Jumbo Pretzels oven baked with kosher salt, and served with a crispy bacon cheese cream sauce for dipping.  10

Cajun Avocado Chicken Sandwich
Grilled with our Cajun spices, fresh Chicken breast laced with a creamy avocado garlic sauce, and served on a toasted club roll with fresh lettuce, tomato and seasoned steak fries. 15
Virginian Grille
Thinly sliced Virginia Ham layered with fresh spinach and sliced tomatoes with cheddar and Swiss cheese and a light dijonaisse sauce on fresh baked griddled marble rye bread; served with a side of hand cut seasoned steak fries. 15

Maple Salmon Salad (Gf without muffin)
Fresh petite oven baked Salmon fillet served on a bed of fresh baby field greens with fresh grape tomatoes, sliced apples, sun-dried cranberries and blue cheese crumbles with pepitas; served with a fresh baked pumpkin nut muffin and a maple balsamic vinaigrette. 17

Apple Orange Bourbon Pork Chop (GF)
Our fresh, bone-in Pork Chop is grilled to your liking, drizzled with a classic demi-glace, and served with a fresh apple-orange-bourbon apple sauce with fresh vegetables and a baked potato. 18

Baked Salmon al Fresca (GF)
Fresh Salmon fillets oven baked in garlic butter and white wine with diced tomatoes and fire roasted peppers; complimented with feta cheese crumbles and enhanced with a basil pesto, and served with wild rice and seasoned asparagus.  25

Blushing Chicken Primavera with Ravioli
Julienne Chicken Breast strips and prosciutto ham sautéed in garlic butter with mushrooms, bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh spinach.  Served with a Parmesan-Romano cheese sauce finished with a splash of marinara and cheese filled ravioli.  Topped with grilled garlic toast. 20

Our chefs today are David Moslander, Shayne Tanner & Victor Quinones.