Compostable Items at OBI

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            Have you ever dreamed of Olde Bryan Inn’s infamous French Onion Soup, with the melty, carmelized, delicious layer of cheese broiled on top? Our oven-baked soup is a favorite for guests as well as staff all year long!

For years we have struggled with one issue with our delicious soup…. How patrons could enjoy it in their own home. Of course Olde Bryan Inn offers an extensive takeout menu, and are happy to specialize or modify items for you at any time, but our soup was not going out the door in takeout orders “oven-baked” because of the paper cup packaging.

Olde Bryan Inn is so excited to announce we will be making the switch to compostable soup cups for takeout orders that CAN be baked in the oven when layered with cheese! Crispy broiled French Onion Soup in the comfort of your own home – what could be better, besides saving the planet, of course, with biodegradable packaging!             Give us a call for your takeout order today, and relax at home while you enjoy your favorite meals – and soups!