Chowder, Cheesecake, and Charlie

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Cheesecake, Chowder, and Charlie

In the United States, there are over 15.5 million people living with cancer.

Almost 40% of all men and women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

And now it’s happened to one of our own.

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Our friend Charlie started working at Longfellows in 2006 as a bartender and server. He and his wife Marianne have a wonderful son named Liam, who is a bright, shining light in their lives. Charlie is a kind, caring, and giving brother, father, husband, son, and friend. Charlie also has been battling metastatic melanoma since 2012. He has endured countless trips to numerous doctors, but remains unflustered and determined to do whatever’s necessary to fight his cancer.


The first Saturday in February was a biting cold day, yet Saratoga welcomed tens of thousands of visitors for our city’s Annual Chowderfest. At Olde Bryan Inn we served a New Orleans themed Gumbo Chowder. Every restaurant charges one dollar for a taste of their chowder, and Olde Bryan Inn have a special tradition on Chowderfest of warming fires and hearty drinks! This year, 2019, every dollar we brought in for cups of chowder, as well as the occasional random, generous donation from our guests, is for Charlie. #ChowderforCharlie helped us raise over $1,000.

a tiny cup of soup with mardi gra beads and cornbreadsoup in a ramekin with torilla chip strips on top








Coming up in both restaurants, please your palate with smooth and creamy French Vanilla Cheesecake from J & S Watkins. #CheesecakeforCharlie will allow us to set aside $2 of every slice, and you get to enjoy delicious dessert… As Hedy LeMarr said, “Just because you don’t live near a bakery, doesn’t mean you can’t eat cheesecake!”

cheesecake on a plate

Additionally, the Olde Bryan Inn are asking for your support in this endeavor. We are looking for contributions in the form of items that can be used for a silent auction that evening, or a financial donation to help them through the healing process.


Please help us help Charlie.

tables set for a large event in a large hall

You never know what life will throw your way. Charlie has been strong throughout his battle, but has a long road ahead of him. Please remember him and his family in your prayers.

If you prefer a monetary donation, a check made payable to Charles Bumgardner can be mailed to the same address, or via Charlie’s gofundme page:

To attend the fundraiser on Feb. 28th, go to and search “Charles Bumgardner”.