Cabin Fever? Saratoga’s Lit

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northshire bookstore exteriorThis Winter has seemed like the Free Trial version of the season in the Saratoga region. The sun doesn’t stick around long enough to enjoy, and the snow melts before it can be take advantage of! With seasonal outdoor activities put on hold, many find themselves inside binging the same shows they’ve seen already, as Cabin Fever sets in. Battle aggressive boredom in a classic way, with a flavor of Saratoga mixed in! We’ve compiled a list of books that take place in and around our wonderful region for you to cozy up with.
When it’s pitch black out at 4:00 pm and you’re ready to curl up in bed, we hear wonderful things about an exciting mystery series by Stephen Dobyns. Set in the Spa City, the mysteries are enjoyable in order as well as stand-alone. Charles Bradshaw is a retired Saratoga policeman who now spends his time solving local capers, which lead him to various locally infamous haunts many know and love.
Ice-filled days of freezing rain call for coziness by the fire and spooky ghost stories! Mason Winfield contributed to the Haunted America collection with his book, Supernatural Saratoga: Haunted Places and Famous Ghosts of the Spa City. With ties to historical figures, pivotal battles, and even the mob, Saratoga is full of legends who “never leave.”
George Crum is a name that should be known by all good Saratogians! Telling the story of the invention of potato chips, Crum is featured in children’s book The Greatest Potatoes, by Penelope Stowell. Saratoga is the birthplace of potato chips, and the book is a fun read that encourages creativity.
For a captivating read that touches on subjects of love, loss, and searching for forgiveness, James Wood’s Upstate hits the mark. For those looking for a Saratoga-driven story, this Wintertime story is not the right fit, but it is a solid read to distract you from what’s outside your own window.
Check out Northshire Bookstore or Saratoga Library, to pile up a stack of Saratoga reads, before stopping by OBI for lunch by the fire! Or get takeout and have your French Onion Prime Rib sandwich in your robe with a great book in the comfort of your own home. Explore Saratoga from the comfort, and climate control, of the great indoors this Winter season!