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cat and dog collage of shelter animals

September means back to school, chilly Fall air, and the OBI Autumn Mug Club Party! As every year, this is a complimentary event for our current OBI Mug Club Members, with donations requested. The Olde Bryan Inn enjoys seeing our new and old Mug Club friends for brews and snacks in the Fall, and could not be more grateful for the contributions that they  help us make to the community at these events.

2018 brought a new opportunity for Mug Club funds, as our semiannual parties now feature the Saratoga Animal Shelter. They are a no-kill shelter that provides foster care, animal surrender, adoption, spay & neuter services, and rabies clinics. The no-kill aspect of the shelter is so important to many animal-lovers on our team, and their services are of irreplaceable value to the community. The shelter doesn’t cater exclusively to furry friends like cats and dogs, they have the ability to care for almost any type of pet, as long as they have the resources.

Many thanks to our generous Mug Club members who came through to our Autumn party with donations of needed items as well as monetary contributions as they enjoyed the party!

Members enjoyed the tasty BBQ/picnic-style offerings of Chef John – ribs, fried chicken, potato salad, and pecan encrusted peach cobbler to name a few! Also in attendance was local Bluegrass group, Brain Medicine, who pumped out the tunes all night to contribute to the laid-back party atmosphere.

With the help of our Mug Club friends, Olde Bryan Inn will be able to deliver a box of toys, treats, and animal care items, alongside an envelope of money to the Shelter this week, and we have our loyal Mug Club patrons to thank! We look forward to the next party! Cheers!

fried chicken ribs gumbo and beer

***If you would like to donate to the Saratoga Animal Shelter click on their name to be taken to their website.
See below for a Wish List of their Most-Needed Items:

Fleece Blankets
Wash Cloths
Hand Towels
Beds (cat or dog)
Waste Bags on a Roll
Chew Toys
Cat Wands
Pate Food
Aspen Shavings
Timothy Hay
Rabbit Pellets
Wooden Chew Toys (for smaller animals)