man with mug of beer at the bar

Spring Cleaning at OBI


The season of sun and rain and more rain is finally upon us after a cold and gray Winter. We love to welcome the Spring at Olde Bryan Inn with fresh flowers in our pots, outside dining, and fresh Spring flavors on our menu. This Spring we closed for a half week to get some cleaning and upgrading done, and we are excited for all the benefits our Spring Cleaning will bring!

The first area of focus was the kitchen where our chefs hand-make the burgers, marinate the steaks, and prepare all of our from-scratch sauces and soups. Our buttermilk biscuits, a guest favorite, are also kneaded and baked in this preparation kitchen area. During our shutdown we adjusted the dimensions of the space to create a more open area, giving us the capabilities to grow and expand our menu and imaginations.

Upstate New York is known to freeze in the Winter and burn up in the Summer, and the comfort of our guests and staff is important to us. Through the 3-4 days we were closed we were able to upgrade and update our systems for more accurate and reliable climate control at all times!

Though many do prefer climate control indoors, one of our major draws in the Spring and Summer is our beautiful and rustic outdoor dining space. The outside patio hosts live music in the Summer, as well as large groups and small groups alike. The covered awning provides perfect shade throughout the day, and the torches keep your meals illuminated when evening comes. We spent a lot of time cleaning and renovating our outside space while we were shut down, and we can’t wait to share the fresh, new Springtime look with our guests!

Menu items at Olde Bryan Inn are never-yet-ever changing; you can come in and enjoy many favorites we have featured for literal decades! You can also join us and select a meal that our Chef decided only hours ago to create and feature, possibly using fresh ingredients hand-selected from the Farmers’ Market across the street. Spring is the ideal time for Chef to experiment with fresh and exciting flavors, and we look forward to enjoying the new seasonal items our kitchen creates.

Join us to see everything old and new, traditional and improved, at Olde Bryan Inn! We missed you while we were  closed, and can’t wait to show off our Spring Cleaning binge!