Halloween, Saratoga Style

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Halloween, Saratoga Style

It is officially that time of year when you need a parka in the morning and a sundress by the afternoon. The leaves are changing, our Pumpkin Walnut Muffins are baking, our chimney is being cleaned and Oktoberfest beers are starting to make their way to our Tavern. These are the Autumn treats for adults, but for kids it’s all about the candy! Here is a list of our favorite Halloween costume ideas:


The Saratoga Racecourse is arguably the biggest local attraction in the summer. Dress as a jockey to pay homage to the wonderful city we call home.


Saratoga is home to the National Museum of Dance, within the beautiful paths and nature trails of Saratoga State Park. The beauty of the museum and the wonderful history inside inspired us to dress as a ballerina or dancer this year!

Dave Matthews

He may not be a local, but Dave is welcomed every Summer back to Saratoga with open arms! Our beloved SPAC wouldn’t be the same without the annual Dave concerts, so grab a guitar and some funky bracelets to imitate the man himself this Halloween.

Olde Bryan Inn’s Ghost

Beatrice is arguably our oldest guest – though if the tales are true, we may all be guests of hers! The ghost of a lady has been sighted by many guests and employees over the years, and is always spotted in an old fashioned green dress. What could be spookier than a real local ghost?

            George Washington

Our first President once camped steps from our front door! Saratoga’s history is heavily influenced by George Washington himself. Trick-or-treat in a powdered wig for candy – just skip the wooden teeth when it comes time to eat it!

Spirit of Life

Saratoga’s Congress Park is one of the prettiest places around. The fountain with a statue called the Spirit of Life is one of the best and most popular images of this lovely city! A toga and some accessories would make a perfect Saratoga-themed costume.

Remember to stay safe and responsible as you plan your Halloween adventures this year!
If trick-or-treating isn’t your thing, you can always join us at Olde Bryan Inn, and Beatrice of course, for a cozy Autumn meal!


photo collage of george washington, a ballerina, a woman in a green dress, Dave Matthews, A jockey and a statue