group photo of staff outside the olde bryan inn

The Dedicated Staff & Executive Leadership at Olde Bryan Inn

Operating Partner: Louis Maggiore

Louis brings his vast experience as both a chef and a restaurant owner to his role as Operating Partner at the Olde Bryan Inn. He was the chef-owner of Maggiore’s White Hart Inn for 14 years. In addition, he was an executive chef for the Knickerbocker Arena (now known as the Times Union Center), and a chef for Scallions restaurant. During his time at the Arena, Louis cooked for several celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Janet Jackson, Billy Joel and Van Halen.

Lois’s skills as a chef earned him awards in the ACF Culinary Cornucopia as well as the Culinary Excellence Award from Awards of America (now known as the American Culinary Institute).

A native of the area and father of three, Louis is an active member of the local community. He is a culinary instructor at Saratoga Vo-Tech and is heavily involved in the culinary internship program for high school students, as well as the “shadow program” for grade school students interested in pursuing cooking. In addition, he teaches a junior gourmet class for grade school students. Lois earned his degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Schenectady Community College and was an All American for his high school basketball team.

Executive Chef: John Capelli

Chef John began his career at OBI in May, 1990 as a prep cook while finishing his training at Saratoga Vo-Tech, where he was taught by the talented Chef George Hoffis. In short time, John was promoted from prep cook position to cooking on the line, mastering four different positions: salad, sauté, grill cook and expeditor. This experience, combined with his education, soon had him promoted yet again to sous chef. And, from there, John continued to work his way up through the ranks, earning the head chef position, and currently, the demanding and rewarding role of Executive Chef – where he works closely with Operating Partner, Louis Maggiore.

John also contributes his time to many of the charitable functions underwritten by the Olde Bryan Inn. Now married with two young children, the family recently moved into a new home.
Chef John sums up his Executive Chef experience:
“I truly love my job and continue to learn new things daily with all the good people I work with.”